Being Prepared when Being Human Hits

Good Morning Beautiful Souls!

I first want to apologize. It has been quite a while since I have posted. Life has it’s shit storms and we were hit with a big one in August when my hubby was hurt on the job and subsequently forced into retirement. Not to say it was a bad thing, because it was actually a blessing in disguise, but at the time it was like being hit by a hurricane.
One of my favorite quotes is “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.” It took me a long time to reach the point where this was true for me. For most of my life I was a human trying to be spiritual. It wasn’t until my eyes and heart were opened to the fact that I am a part of the Divine, (some call it being a child of God, call it whatever you like to envelope whatever your beliefs are) living in a human body to experience human lessons. As a part of Divinity, I have everything at my fingertips to navigate within this realm with the mantle of God surrounding me and the light of love within me. I have the ability available to me to live above the troubles and cares of this world and the choice to do so. The trouble begins when I forget who I am. When life hits me with situations that as a human seem impossible to handle.
This is when I should be tapping into the divine resources to handle the situation. Instead, more times than not, I find myself slipping back into my humanity. The warriors of anger, worry, frustrations and fear rise up and overwhelm my gentle divine spirit. Then the battle is on and the lesson to be learned either takes longer than it should or isn’t learned at all causing it to raise it’s ugly head again in the future. Hell, I lived in the human realm for 50 years so old habits are hard to break. What I mean by this is I played church. I thought I was a spiritual person because I was there every time the doors were open and following the edicts, rules and routines perfectly. It wasn’t until my eyes were truly opened and I learned what true spirituality was that I began to grow and become the person I was meant to be here in this time and space on earth. It was then I realized the answers are not found in a building or community, but from the divine within myself.
So how do I handle those times when my human side hits the wall? First, I find a quiet place and sit in silence for a few minutes. Then I tap into my heart space. I have learned everything becomes clear when tempered through love. I close my eyes, put my hand on my heart and take 3 deep breaths. Then I ask the Divine for guidance in the situation. Secondly, I sit quietly and listen. Sometimes listening is the hardest part. I am easily distracted by the outside world and little noises. So, I put on binary frequencies in the frequency best suited to the situation at the moment. I keep my journal handy to write down anything that comes to mind. Then I take the messages I receive and act on them. I have learned the hard way that if I ignore the messages coming through, I will continue to struggle with the situation over and over again until the lesson is learned.
Wishing you all a wonderfully blessed week!

All We Need is Love

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(Warning: Some content below may a little delicate for some, but I believe in keeping it real so I make no apologies.}
More often than not, we see this in relationships today. People focus on what’s on the outside not what is on the inside. I have heard so many times just in the past year of partnerships ending after years of being together. Once the glory and beauty of the flower of love are gone, then there is nothing left because people no longer connect on a soul level. I come from the generation of peace, love and rock & roll. I come from the Woodstock era, when love was felt not just thrown around. People envision and we taught that it was a “feel love (meaning sex) time. However, “hookups” were made because people felt the vibe of a person’s soul not how they looked on the outside. When “vibes” was not just a word but a feeling. Today it is “that’s hot, I want to tap that,” with absolutely no thought for the consequences. I had an object lesson I used to teach at the girl’s home where I worked. I would give them a piece of duct tape and tell them to go around sticking it on each other. Soon they would bring it back to me telling me it didn’t stick anymore. I told them that is what happens when they have sex with many different people. Each time you have sex with a different person, you give a little piece of yourself away. After a while, there is nothing left to give to that one person you are meant to be with. Toxic or abusive relationships taken even bigger part of you away. After a breakup, if you do not fully bring the pieces of your shattered soul back together, you carry that on to the next relationship. After a while there is nothing left to give to another. Relationships, in proper balance, is an equal amount of sharing. I have heard it said that each partner should give 100%. This is all well and good, but what if your partner only give 10, 25, 30%. It is not a game of teeter totter. Both partners should do what they can to keep the line balanced. AND, I don’t mean “well, she did this, so I should do that!” It is not a competition! It should be a natural balance based on respect, honor and love. Should things become out of balance, there should be enough trust and respect to sit down and discuss the imbalance and how to correct it. Anything less is control on one side or the other and that is not love and compassion.
Many Blessings

Change Life’s Only Constant

Change! It is a word that can invoke fear into one’s heart. Fear of the unknown and “what if’s”. It is normal to think about how change can effect your life. It is normal to weigh the pros and cons when possible. But what about those changes that completely blindside us. Changes like losing a job, losing a home to a disaster, being involved in an accident, losing a love one? How do we handle the unexpected changes?

I have had a lot of unexpected changes in my life, and I will be honest, I did not handle them very well. I was truly awful at dealing with change. I would throw a fit, lament over it, get angry about it, get depressed over it, try to ignore it, or worse yet, try to bury it with alcohol. No matter what method I used to deal with it, the outcome was the same, the change was still there, and no matter how I tried to make it go away, there it was in front of my face 24/7 laughing at me, taunting me to challenge it.

So what did I do, you might ask? I did just that! I challenged it! I started asking the change, “Ok, what are you trying to teach me?” “What am I doing in my life that needs correction?” “What new truth do I need to embrace?” Sometimes change comes into our lives because we ask for it. SAY WHAT? I didn’t ask for a woman to slam into the back of my car going 65 mph at a red light leaving my body broken and crippled! That’s right, I did not ask for that. However, on many occasions, I had voiced that my ultimate dream was to be able to wake up in the morning and choose what I wanted to do that day, whether it be paint, write, sculpt, sing etc. Through the tragedy of the accident, I got exactly what I had been dreaming of. Now, I do have the choice every single morning to do exactly what I want to do during the day. I am not going to say I embraced the change immediately. There was A LOT of days that I cried, was bitter, was depressed, felt like a burden to my family. It was through the support of some wonderful women who had also been through adversity in their lives and had risen above it , I learned how to embrace the change and turn it to my advantage. I also learned a very valuable lesson, Be Careful What You Wish For and Speak Out to the Universe! I was taught as a child in church, ” So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11. (Though I no longer walk the organized religion path, I am an ordained minister, hold a theology degree and still embrace some of the teachings.) This verse became a reality in my life in a very real way.

In conclusion, I have found the best way to handle change is to be prepared in your mind and spirit that it is coming eventually and then embrace it when it happens. Sit back, study the change and it’s effects and then accept the lesson it is bringing , and embrace the newness in your life.

Until the next time, Beautiful Souls, many blessings to you.


Visualization vs. Reality

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! I hope this finds all of you wonderfully blessed in your lives. 
How many of you are truly happy with your lives? Do you wake up in the morning excited with a new day ahead of you and new adventures to explore? Or do you groan as you shut off the alarm, roll out of bed with a sigh and trudge off to deal with the day?
I am going to give you a little glimpse into my day as I see it.

The first alarm goes off, snooze button is pushed and I roll over into my hubby’s waiting arms and we snuggle until next alarm goes off. As he gets ready for work I go into the kitchen and prepare our coffee. Then we go out to the balcony and sit, watching the sunrise as we drink our morning coffee, discuss our plans for the day and enjoy the splendor of the view of the lake behind our home. Then when the time comes, I give him a “be blessed” kiss and send him off to work. I venture off to my favorite waterfall for my morning cleansing and meditation time. Next, it is off to school for my morning classes. When my classes are finished, then it is to my office to check and deal with my email, checking in with my colleagues, posting or schedule posts, return messages and phone calls. My gentle alarm goes off letting me know it is time for my lunch date with my hubby. We meet at a quaint little cafe between his place of work and my office and have lunch together, discussing how our morning went. Our time is so short it seems but we talk about how to change that. My afternoons are spent with my daughter studying criminal psychology while I am working on art projects to supplement our income. I take a break to walk in nature and converse with the wildlife on my way to the mailbox. I get excited! It is the first of the month, time for commission checks and royalty checks to come in. I briefly sit on the front porch opening the mail, mentally adding the amounts and text my hubby telling him to put in his two weeks notice because we finally have the financial freedom for him to retire. He comes home early and we sit on our porch having a celebratory drink watching the woodland creatures play at the edge of the lake and woods. Then it is off to the studio to work on our music and work with whichever band is here practicing for the night. At the end of the night, we climb into bed truly grateful for all the blessings in our life. As I drift off to sleep I am whispering “I Am” statements to the heavens knowing that as I affirm positivity into my life, the Universe will make it happen.
I have an awesome life, right?

That my, dear ones, is how I visualize my day every day. Part of it is reality, but the rest is what I am speaking and imagining into being. Thoughts become reality. The reality is we sit in our shed out back in the morning under the fan because it is already sweltering at 7 am in Florida. The quaint little cafe is our living room. My daughter and my criminal psychology studies are binge-watching CSI while I work on my crafts to sell. My trip to the mailbox is 30 ft away, but I do commune with the squirrels, birds and lizards. Instead of money in my mailbox, it is usually bills or unwanted junk mail. We do sit on the porch, but our view is a school across the street, 3 businesses beside us and the wildlife we watch are the idiots speeding around the corner and down our street. The work in the studio is a reality and the way I end my night. 
Remember pretending when you were a child? Visualization is adult pretending. The amazing thing is that some of the things we have ” pretended” have become reality in our lives. We have learned to focus on the positive, believe in our dreams and the Universe is delivering them to us. Try “pretending” a little and see what you can manifest in your life.
Many Blessings!

Words and Music

My life is a symphony that has been played by the wrong instruments. I have allowed the wrong musicians and composers to write the words and music. I have allowed their words and music to drowned out my own, blocking the remembering of my purpose in coming to this earth at this space in time to the point of causing utter confusion and turmoil in my life. I have been searching for clarity and it has been an elusive creature. My search has ended. Like a bolt from the God of Thunder, clarity has struck me and it is time for me to rise and shine and bring back the glory of the Universe. To write my own words and music for my soul’s purpose. To repaint the canvas of my life. To replace the threads pulled from my tapestry. To pick up my sword and strike down and bury completely the yesterdays of my life and to allow the Divine to flow through me and shine into the lives of others. To bring peace and love to those who suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.