What is Love?

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Welcome to February, the month where the focus is on love. Once again I ask the question, Why do we only focus on love during this month? Just like why do we only focus on thanksgiving in November? What is love? Love is the essence of emotion we attach to people, places, and things.

Let’s explore that emotion for a moment. We only attach that emotion to things that make us feel good or fulfills a void in our life. However, I tell you this morning there is more enlightenment in also loving those people, places, or things that we attach the emotion of hate. That’s right, you will not grow and obtain higher levels of understanding or enlightenment unless you are willing to love all things. Every time we express a dislike or outright hate for someone or something, the more that feeling of discord and dis-ease will grow until it can interfere with the love we have for other things. For example…I used to say “I hate spiders”. One day I sat down and meditated on this. My hatred, or better put, fear of spiders came from being literally attacked by one. I determined to understand the spider and what its function is in this world. They consume other things that irritated me like flies, ants, and other bugs. It was after this revelation, that I was able to accept the spider, respect its place in my world, and show it, love, by not killing it. Once I learned to respect the spider for its purpose, its presence no longer bothered me.

My point is if you continue to look at others through the eyes of misunderstanding instead of taking the time to understand them and embrace the differences, then you will continue in discord within and without and that will block love and abundance from flowing in your life. I am not saying that you allow these people within your circle. But you can love the soul they are without liking the person. Flow in compassion for them. Understand them. If you cannot tolerate being around them, then don’t allow them in your circle, but do not speak negatively about them or send vibrations of anger and hate towards them because all this does is bring those negative things back into your life. True growth and change in all areas of your life begin with allowing love to flow in and out of your being.

Your challenge for this week is to think about someone in your life you have negative feelings toward. Sit and think about what brought those feelings about. Is there anything you can do to change what happened in the past? What was the physical and emotional state of the other person when the incident happened? What was your emotion or physical state at the time? Hold that moment in your mind and send love into the picture like a shining light. Let that light cover the situation and dissolve the negative parts of the encounter in your memory. Express thankfulness for the lesson learned from the situation and let it go. Reflect on whether it is worth it to heal and repair the relationship. If not then release them with love and understanding and let them go. If you realize in the reflection that the situation was one of foolishness, then connect with that person, if you can, and set the situation right with love, understanding, and forgiveness. If they do not accept your attempt, then you walk away with the consciousness that you have done your part to heal the relationship and you are walking in love toward that person. If it is a person who no longer lives in this world, sit down and write a letter to that person and burn it releasing the ashes to the wind to carry the message to that person’s soul where ever it might be. This can also be done for someone you just absolutely cannot face, just by writing it all down and burning it, you release it from your own mind and soul. Holding it there can block abundance and growth from your life.So go forth and love with a pure heart.

Many Blessings,


Whew! Not a Vacation

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I know it has been quite a while since I last posted. No I was not on vacation. I was in the process of selling a house which turned in to a 8 week nightmare, sorting, decluttering and packing up 40 years worth of accumilation, loading it into the biggest truck UHaul offers and moving 1300 miles north to Michigan.

I know, I know, why? That is a question I am asked quite frequently. The why is, I wanted to return home. Return to the place I was born and raised. Return to a peace within my soul that had been missing since I moved to Florida 40 years ago today.

I am finally settled in my soul, and my whole being. Finally got things settled within my physical environment, and I am back! Ready to take you deeper into the unknown and help bring enlightenment to your soul and help you remember who you truly are before the world molded you into who they though your should be.

Many Blessings.


Come Sit Awhile

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Like everyone else, we have had some big changes in our life, but unlike most, they have been good changes.

I took a little time off to further my education and get my psychology diploma and my certification in home medicine. I made the lockdown into something positive. I have 2 more degrees that I am working on at the present moment. The future of our country is uncertain, but I have been working on a number of skills so I am prepared for whatever comes our way.

One thing I have learned over the course of the year so far that those who live in fear have been caught up in mass hysteria and those who live by faith have been able to walk in peace through it all. Our family has been blessed beyond measure through it all. That’s not to say we are super spiritual or anything and we do have our down moments. However, we also know that what you think or say turns into your reality.

For example, if you continually say “I don’t have ____________,” then you will continue to not have that thing. We say ” we may not have it right now but it is coming,” and it always seems to manifest within a couple of days. A couple weeks ago I was getting food out of the cabinet for our cat and made the statement, ” oh no, we are out of fish (which is her favorite.)” The very next day our neighbor showed up at the door with a box of 11 cans of mixed variety of fish in the very same brand that our cat eats! Her friend’s cat refused to eat it so she had given it to her. This is just one simple example of how this works for us. There are many many more! We chose at the start of the whole virus mess to chose our words carefully and always frame them in a positive way. The Divine source (God, angels, Great Father what ever you want to call it) is always listening and gives us exactly what we think or ask for. If you continually think or spew negative, that is what you will attract. If you speak and think in a positive manner with gratitude in your heart, like us, you will be blessed beyond measure. Over the past months I have seen dear friends’ lives completely shattered because they continually complain about what is going on in the world both on a wide scale and their own little realm. They refused to listen to solid counsel and continue to live in fear. On the other side, I have watched those who have taken things in stride, taken advantage of the break from life as it was and have prospered greatly. Instead of complaining about shortage in the store, they bought seeds and planted a garden. Now they have an abundant harvest to see them through the next year. One friend went to a local cattleman who couldn’t take his cattle to market and offered to buy a cow and they have meat for the next several months at about a 1/4 of supermarket prices. (Like Herb says, “half of nothing is nothing, but half of something is something.” At least the man was able to make a little money to recoup his expenses in raising the cattle.) People helping people instead of sitting around lamenting about how bad things are.

It isn’t always instantaneous. If you have spent years speaking negative, sometimes it takes a while for the Divine to trust what you say. Sometimes, the answer may not be exactly what you want, but is what is best for your greatest and highest good. The trick is not to be too specific about what you want. This gives the Divine room to move on your behalf for what is best for you. But I know for a fact that it works. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

Many Blessings,



Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

I know it has been a while. I realized this morning it has been almost a month since I have spent time you. I will be honest, life got a little overwhelming for me and I finally had to take some time off this past weekend and do some life restructuring.Have you ever had a moment when you sat down at the end of the day and thought, where did this day go? And, as you sat there, you knew you had been busy all day but you truly couldn’t remember how you spent each moment. It was like you were on autopilot. Just going through the motions to do the busy things of life but truly with no real meaning. I had a moment exactly like this a couple weeks ago and it was an ah-ha moment for me. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I felt really icky-nauseous, tired, and overall weak. I sat down and focused on the moment and realized I had forgotten to eat all day. It wasn’t that I didn’t get hungry several times during the day, I was just too intent on what I was doing and getting it done, I just worked through the feelings and troughed onward. What was the result of ignoring my body’s messages, dis-ease, and imbalance that actually took several days to recover.

During the recovery time, I had another ah-ha moment…I was not living my witness. I am always telling others to focus on the present moment yet here I was worried about the completion of the tasks instead of focusing on them. One of my favorite teachers, Thich Nhat Hahn, instructs us to live in each individual moment of the task we are performing and being grateful for each aspect of the task. Even a simple task like doing dishes can become a wealth of gratitude. Think about the feel of the water on your hands, water being a catalyst of release. What can you release at that moment and allow it to be washed away down the drain? Being grateful for the dish that held the food that brought nourishment to your body. Being grateful for the food that was served in or on that dish. Being thankful for the job that provided the money to buy the food that was served on the dish. If thoughts come up like the food “wasn’t all that tasty” or “but I don’t like my job”, swipe them away physically like you are swatting at a fly and return to your focus to the gratitude. OR more importantly, release those thoughts and feelings and allow them to wash down the drain. For me, when I do this, by the time I am finished with the dishes, I feel energized and joyful. When my intentions are pure and from a place of gratitude, I find joy in the simplest of tasks. It is when I allow my emotions to control me instead of me controlling and dealing with them that I forget this teaching or any of the numerous teachings I have gleaned from. When I allow ( and yes I said “I allow”) this to happen it leads to overwhelm, discontent, and dis-ease in my life, and something has to happen to reawaken me. That is exactly what happened that day. Almost passing out woke me up and I realized it was time to ground and center myself again and to start living intentionally again in every area of my life. I spend last week in meditation, contemplation, and restructuring. Letting things go that no longer serve my highest and greatest good and the goals and intentions I have set for my life. Wait! What?! How are you able to focus on your goals when everything in our world has been turned upside down? Well, by examining where I was spending, and yes wasting my time. Places, people, and things I was allowing to distort or steal my energy. How much of my time I was allowing news and social media to poison my soul instead of using that time to explore uplifting and positive teachings?

My challenge to you this week is to take some time to sit and really truly think about how you are feeling in your body, mind, and spirit. WRITE IT DOWN. Sometimes a mind dump is the best way to declutter your thoughts and feelings. Then look at what you have written. Is there anything there that is not under your control? Let it go! Do not lend your thoughts, feeling, or energies to that anymore. For example: Can you physically at this time make a difference in all the rioting that is happening around the country? Then why are you spending your energy in outrage or sadness over the situation? Yes, it is happening, but I am not able to physically go to those areas and get involved, so instead of spending my time lamenting or ranting in outrage about it, I send out positive vibrations of love, understand and peace and trust the Universe to correct the situation through whatever means is for the highest and greatest good for all. Are there things on the page you can deal with? For example, you feel you are lacking energy, look at the possible reasons like lack of rest, lack of proper nutrition, allowing news and social media to distract you from your best life ever. These are things that are in your control and you can make an intentional plan to make necessary changes in your life to correct the situation. Your life is yours to live and control and you do so with the choices you make in your life.

Many Blessings,


Facts vs. Opinions

The controversy about public feedback - EasyFeedback Token

Con·tro·ver·sy /ˈkäntrəˌvərsē/
noun: disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated.

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,
This morning I was thinking about the word controversy. There seems to be a lot of it in the world these days. I have come to the conclusion that all controversy is rooted in opinions, good, bad or indifferent. Even when presented with the facts, you will still have people who will argue their opinion even on the stupidest of things. You can comment, ” oh what a beautiful day, look at that beautiful blue sky,” and they will look up and see a small dark cloud among all the beautiful beautiful blue sky and, in their opinion, comment about it will surely rain because of that tiny dark cloud.
Facts seem to go by the wayside as everyone tries to express their own opinion on a subject. There have been a lot of differences of opinion in many areas lately and in each situation key facts have been ignored. Facts are facts! Opinions are a person’s idea or take of a situation. Many opinions are instilled or taught us at very early ages. We carry those opinions into adulthood. Unless we learn to think for ourselves at some point, we are doomed to repeat the same cycles of those opinions as we learned from our parents, grandparents, other adults and peers. When we learn to think for ourselves we form our own opinions and whether good, bad, or indifferent, we trying to convince others our opinions are right.
Recently, I have started inplementing something into my own life. Before I share an opinion I ask myself,

  1. Is this fact or just my opinion? If it is my opinion, I state it is my opinion in the conversation.
  2. Does my opinion really matter to this person, or in mentioning my opinion is it going to start controversy in the relationship?
  3. Will my opinion change the situation? Or better yet, am I willing to use my opinion to implement change in the situation?
    If the answer is “no” to any of the above, I keep my opinion to myself. Personally, for myself, if I want someone’s opinion, I will ask for it. If their opinion is just going to start an argument, keep it to themselves.because I don’t want nor need the drama in my life. Some people live for controversy and when you feed into it, it just strokes their ego and that is not helping them to become the best person they can be. I prefer to be earth and water, not fire and air. Fire fuels fire. Air fuels fire. When you fan the flames of a fire it gets bigger. When you fan the flames of controversy, it also grow into uncontrollable proportions. I encourage you to be grounded like the earth and seek wisdom (not just knowledge) before you invite controversy in your life.