What is Love?

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Welcome to February, the month where the focus is on love. Once again I ask the question, Why do we only focus on love during this month? Just like why do we only focus on thanksgiving in November? What is love? Love is the essence of emotion we attach to people, places, and things.

Let’s explore that emotion for a moment. We only attach that emotion to things that make us feel good or fulfills a void in our life. However, I tell you this morning there is more enlightenment in also loving those people, places, or things that we attach the emotion of hate. That’s right, you will not grow and obtain higher levels of understanding or enlightenment unless you are willing to love all things. Every time we express a dislike or outright hate for someone or something, the more that feeling of discord and dis-ease will grow until it can interfere with the love we have for other things. For example…I used to say “I hate spiders”. One day I sat down and meditated on this. My hatred, or better put, fear of spiders came from being literally attacked by one. I determined to understand the spider and what its function is in this world. They consume other things that irritated me like flies, ants, and other bugs. It was after this revelation, that I was able to accept the spider, respect its place in my world, and show it, love, by not killing it. Once I learned to respect the spider for its purpose, its presence no longer bothered me.

My point is if you continue to look at others through the eyes of misunderstanding instead of taking the time to understand them and embrace the differences, then you will continue in discord within and without and that will block love and abundance from flowing in your life. I am not saying that you allow these people within your circle. But you can love the soul they are without liking the person. Flow in compassion for them. Understand them. If you cannot tolerate being around them, then don’t allow them in your circle, but do not speak negatively about them or send vibrations of anger and hate towards them because all this does is bring those negative things back into your life. True growth and change in all areas of your life begin with allowing love to flow in and out of your being.

Your challenge for this week is to think about someone in your life you have negative feelings toward. Sit and think about what brought those feelings about. Is there anything you can do to change what happened in the past? What was the physical and emotional state of the other person when the incident happened? What was your emotion or physical state at the time? Hold that moment in your mind and send love into the picture like a shining light. Let that light cover the situation and dissolve the negative parts of the encounter in your memory. Express thankfulness for the lesson learned from the situation and let it go. Reflect on whether it is worth it to heal and repair the relationship. If not then release them with love and understanding and let them go. If you realize in the reflection that the situation was one of foolishness, then connect with that person, if you can, and set the situation right with love, understanding, and forgiveness. If they do not accept your attempt, then you walk away with the consciousness that you have done your part to heal the relationship and you are walking in love toward that person. If it is a person who no longer lives in this world, sit down and write a letter to that person and burn it releasing the ashes to the wind to carry the message to that person’s soul where ever it might be. This can also be done for someone you just absolutely cannot face, just by writing it all down and burning it, you release it from your own mind and soul. Holding it there can block abundance and growth from your life.So go forth and love with a pure heart.

Many Blessings,


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