Come Sit Awhile

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Like everyone else, we have had some big changes in our life, but unlike most, they have been good changes.

I took a little time off to further my education and get my psychology diploma and my certification in home medicine. I made the lockdown into something positive. I have 2 more degrees that I am working on at the present moment. The future of our country is uncertain, but I have been working on a number of skills so I am prepared for whatever comes our way.

One thing I have learned over the course of the year so far that those who live in fear have been caught up in mass hysteria and those who live by faith have been able to walk in peace through it all. Our family has been blessed beyond measure through it all. That’s not to say we are super spiritual or anything and we do have our down moments. However, we also know that what you think or say turns into your reality.

For example, if you continually say “I don’t have ____________,” then you will continue to not have that thing. We say ” we may not have it right now but it is coming,” and it always seems to manifest within a couple of days. A couple weeks ago I was getting food out of the cabinet for our cat and made the statement, ” oh no, we are out of fish (which is her favorite.)” The very next day our neighbor showed up at the door with a box of 11 cans of mixed variety of fish in the very same brand that our cat eats! Her friend’s cat refused to eat it so she had given it to her. This is just one simple example of how this works for us. There are many many more! We chose at the start of the whole virus mess to chose our words carefully and always frame them in a positive way. The Divine source (God, angels, Great Father what ever you want to call it) is always listening and gives us exactly what we think or ask for. If you continually think or spew negative, that is what you will attract. If you speak and think in a positive manner with gratitude in your heart, like us, you will be blessed beyond measure. Over the past months I have seen dear friends’ lives completely shattered because they continually complain about what is going on in the world both on a wide scale and their own little realm. They refused to listen to solid counsel and continue to live in fear. On the other side, I have watched those who have taken things in stride, taken advantage of the break from life as it was and have prospered greatly. Instead of complaining about shortage in the store, they bought seeds and planted a garden. Now they have an abundant harvest to see them through the next year. One friend went to a local cattleman who couldn’t take his cattle to market and offered to buy a cow and they have meat for the next several months at about a 1/4 of supermarket prices. (Like Herb says, “half of nothing is nothing, but half of something is something.” At least the man was able to make a little money to recoup his expenses in raising the cattle.) People helping people instead of sitting around lamenting about how bad things are.

It isn’t always instantaneous. If you have spent years speaking negative, sometimes it takes a while for the Divine to trust what you say. Sometimes, the answer may not be exactly what you want, but is what is best for your greatest and highest good. The trick is not to be too specific about what you want. This gives the Divine room to move on your behalf for what is best for you. But I know for a fact that it works. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

Many Blessings,


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