Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

I know it has been a while. I realized this morning it has been almost a month since I have spent time you. I will be honest, life got a little overwhelming for me and I finally had to take some time off this past weekend and do some life restructuring.Have you ever had a moment when you sat down at the end of the day and thought, where did this day go? And, as you sat there, you knew you had been busy all day but you truly couldn’t remember how you spent each moment. It was like you were on autopilot. Just going through the motions to do the busy things of life but truly with no real meaning. I had a moment exactly like this a couple weeks ago and it was an ah-ha moment for me. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I felt really icky-nauseous, tired, and overall weak. I sat down and focused on the moment and realized I had forgotten to eat all day. It wasn’t that I didn’t get hungry several times during the day, I was just too intent on what I was doing and getting it done, I just worked through the feelings and troughed onward. What was the result of ignoring my body’s messages, dis-ease, and imbalance that actually took several days to recover.

During the recovery time, I had another ah-ha moment…I was not living my witness. I am always telling others to focus on the present moment yet here I was worried about the completion of the tasks instead of focusing on them. One of my favorite teachers, Thich Nhat Hahn, instructs us to live in each individual moment of the task we are performing and being grateful for each aspect of the task. Even a simple task like doing dishes can become a wealth of gratitude. Think about the feel of the water on your hands, water being a catalyst of release. What can you release at that moment and allow it to be washed away down the drain? Being grateful for the dish that held the food that brought nourishment to your body. Being grateful for the food that was served in or on that dish. Being thankful for the job that provided the money to buy the food that was served on the dish. If thoughts come up like the food “wasn’t all that tasty” or “but I don’t like my job”, swipe them away physically like you are swatting at a fly and return to your focus to the gratitude. OR more importantly, release those thoughts and feelings and allow them to wash down the drain. For me, when I do this, by the time I am finished with the dishes, I feel energized and joyful. When my intentions are pure and from a place of gratitude, I find joy in the simplest of tasks. It is when I allow my emotions to control me instead of me controlling and dealing with them that I forget this teaching or any of the numerous teachings I have gleaned from. When I allow ( and yes I said “I allow”) this to happen it leads to overwhelm, discontent, and dis-ease in my life, and something has to happen to reawaken me. That is exactly what happened that day. Almost passing out woke me up and I realized it was time to ground and center myself again and to start living intentionally again in every area of my life. I spend last week in meditation, contemplation, and restructuring. Letting things go that no longer serve my highest and greatest good and the goals and intentions I have set for my life. Wait! What?! How are you able to focus on your goals when everything in our world has been turned upside down? Well, by examining where I was spending, and yes wasting my time. Places, people, and things I was allowing to distort or steal my energy. How much of my time I was allowing news and social media to poison my soul instead of using that time to explore uplifting and positive teachings?

My challenge to you this week is to take some time to sit and really truly think about how you are feeling in your body, mind, and spirit. WRITE IT DOWN. Sometimes a mind dump is the best way to declutter your thoughts and feelings. Then look at what you have written. Is there anything there that is not under your control? Let it go! Do not lend your thoughts, feeling, or energies to that anymore. For example: Can you physically at this time make a difference in all the rioting that is happening around the country? Then why are you spending your energy in outrage or sadness over the situation? Yes, it is happening, but I am not able to physically go to those areas and get involved, so instead of spending my time lamenting or ranting in outrage about it, I send out positive vibrations of love, understand and peace and trust the Universe to correct the situation through whatever means is for the highest and greatest good for all. Are there things on the page you can deal with? For example, you feel you are lacking energy, look at the possible reasons like lack of rest, lack of proper nutrition, allowing news and social media to distract you from your best life ever. These are things that are in your control and you can make an intentional plan to make necessary changes in your life to correct the situation. Your life is yours to live and control and you do so with the choices you make in your life.

Many Blessings,


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