Facts vs. Opinions

The controversy about public feedback - EasyFeedback Token

Con·tro·ver·sy /ˈkäntrəˌvərsē/
noun: disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated.

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,
This morning I was thinking about the word controversy. There seems to be a lot of it in the world these days. I have come to the conclusion that all controversy is rooted in opinions, good, bad or indifferent. Even when presented with the facts, you will still have people who will argue their opinion even on the stupidest of things. You can comment, ” oh what a beautiful day, look at that beautiful blue sky,” and they will look up and see a small dark cloud among all the beautiful beautiful blue sky and, in their opinion, comment about it will surely rain because of that tiny dark cloud.
Facts seem to go by the wayside as everyone tries to express their own opinion on a subject. There have been a lot of differences of opinion in many areas lately and in each situation key facts have been ignored. Facts are facts! Opinions are a person’s idea or take of a situation. Many opinions are instilled or taught us at very early ages. We carry those opinions into adulthood. Unless we learn to think for ourselves at some point, we are doomed to repeat the same cycles of those opinions as we learned from our parents, grandparents, other adults and peers. When we learn to think for ourselves we form our own opinions and whether good, bad, or indifferent, we trying to convince others our opinions are right.
Recently, I have started inplementing something into my own life. Before I share an opinion I ask myself,

  1. Is this fact or just my opinion? If it is my opinion, I state it is my opinion in the conversation.
  2. Does my opinion really matter to this person, or in mentioning my opinion is it going to start controversy in the relationship?
  3. Will my opinion change the situation? Or better yet, am I willing to use my opinion to implement change in the situation?
    If the answer is “no” to any of the above, I keep my opinion to myself. Personally, for myself, if I want someone’s opinion, I will ask for it. If their opinion is just going to start an argument, keep it to themselves.because I don’t want nor need the drama in my life. Some people live for controversy and when you feed into it, it just strokes their ego and that is not helping them to become the best person they can be. I prefer to be earth and water, not fire and air. Fire fuels fire. Air fuels fire. When you fan the flames of a fire it gets bigger. When you fan the flames of controversy, it also grow into uncontrollable proportions. I encourage you to be grounded like the earth and seek wisdom (not just knowledge) before you invite controversy in your life.

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