All We Need is Love

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(Warning: Some content below may a little delicate for some, but I believe in keeping it real so I make no apologies.}
More often than not, we see this in relationships today. People focus on what’s on the outside not what is on the inside. I have heard so many times just in the past year of partnerships ending after years of being together. Once the glory and beauty of the flower of love are gone, then there is nothing left because people no longer connect on a soul level. I come from the generation of peace, love and rock & roll. I come from the Woodstock era, when love was felt not just thrown around. People envision and we taught that it was a “feel love (meaning sex) time. However, “hookups” were made because people felt the vibe of a person’s soul not how they looked on the outside. When “vibes” was not just a word but a feeling. Today it is “that’s hot, I want to tap that,” with absolutely no thought for the consequences. I had an object lesson I used to teach at the girl’s home where I worked. I would give them a piece of duct tape and tell them to go around sticking it on each other. Soon they would bring it back to me telling me it didn’t stick anymore. I told them that is what happens when they have sex with many different people. Each time you have sex with a different person, you give a little piece of yourself away. After a while, there is nothing left to give to that one person you are meant to be with. Toxic or abusive relationships taken even bigger part of you away. After a breakup, if you do not fully bring the pieces of your shattered soul back together, you carry that on to the next relationship. After a while there is nothing left to give to another. Relationships, in proper balance, is an equal amount of sharing. I have heard it said that each partner should give 100%. This is all well and good, but what if your partner only give 10, 25, 30%. It is not a game of teeter totter. Both partners should do what they can to keep the line balanced. AND, I don’t mean “well, she did this, so I should do that!” It is not a competition! It should be a natural balance based on respect, honor and love. Should things become out of balance, there should be enough trust and respect to sit down and discuss the imbalance and how to correct it. Anything less is control on one side or the other and that is not love and compassion.
Many Blessings

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