Visualization vs. Reality

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! I hope this finds all of you wonderfully blessed in your lives. 
How many of you are truly happy with your lives? Do you wake up in the morning excited with a new day ahead of you and new adventures to explore? Or do you groan as you shut off the alarm, roll out of bed with a sigh and trudge off to deal with the day?
I am going to give you a little glimpse into my day as I see it.

The first alarm goes off, snooze button is pushed and I roll over into my hubby’s waiting arms and we snuggle until next alarm goes off. As he gets ready for work I go into the kitchen and prepare our coffee. Then we go out to the balcony and sit, watching the sunrise as we drink our morning coffee, discuss our plans for the day and enjoy the splendor of the view of the lake behind our home. Then when the time comes, I give him a “be blessed” kiss and send him off to work. I venture off to my favorite waterfall for my morning cleansing and meditation time. Next, it is off to school for my morning classes. When my classes are finished, then it is to my office to check and deal with my email, checking in with my colleagues, posting or schedule posts, return messages and phone calls. My gentle alarm goes off letting me know it is time for my lunch date with my hubby. We meet at a quaint little cafe between his place of work and my office and have lunch together, discussing how our morning went. Our time is so short it seems but we talk about how to change that. My afternoons are spent with my daughter studying criminal psychology while I am working on art projects to supplement our income. I take a break to walk in nature and converse with the wildlife on my way to the mailbox. I get excited! It is the first of the month, time for commission checks and royalty checks to come in. I briefly sit on the front porch opening the mail, mentally adding the amounts and text my hubby telling him to put in his two weeks notice because we finally have the financial freedom for him to retire. He comes home early and we sit on our porch having a celebratory drink watching the woodland creatures play at the edge of the lake and woods. Then it is off to the studio to work on our music and work with whichever band is here practicing for the night. At the end of the night, we climb into bed truly grateful for all the blessings in our life. As I drift off to sleep I am whispering “I Am” statements to the heavens knowing that as I affirm positivity into my life, the Universe will make it happen.
I have an awesome life, right?

That my, dear ones, is how I visualize my day every day. Part of it is reality, but the rest is what I am speaking and imagining into being. Thoughts become reality. The reality is we sit in our shed out back in the morning under the fan because it is already sweltering at 7 am in Florida. The quaint little cafe is our living room. My daughter and my criminal psychology studies are binge-watching CSI while I work on my crafts to sell. My trip to the mailbox is 30 ft away, but I do commune with the squirrels, birds and lizards. Instead of money in my mailbox, it is usually bills or unwanted junk mail. We do sit on the porch, but our view is a school across the street, 3 businesses beside us and the wildlife we watch are the idiots speeding around the corner and down our street. The work in the studio is a reality and the way I end my night. 
Remember pretending when you were a child? Visualization is adult pretending. The amazing thing is that some of the things we have ” pretended” have become reality in our lives. We have learned to focus on the positive, believe in our dreams and the Universe is delivering them to us. Try “pretending” a little and see what you can manifest in your life.
Many Blessings!

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