Words and Music

My life is a symphony that has been played by the wrong instruments. I have allowed the wrong musicians and composers to write the words and music. I have allowed their words and music to drowned out my own, blocking the remembering of my purpose in coming to this earth at this space in time to the point of causing utter confusion and turmoil in my life. I have been searching for clarity and it has been an elusive creature. My search has ended. Like a bolt from the God of Thunder, clarity has struck me and it is time for me to rise and shine and bring back the glory of the Universe. To write my own words and music for my soul’s purpose. To repaint the canvas of my life. To replace the threads pulled from my tapestry. To pick up my sword and strike down and bury completely the yesterdays of my life and to allow the Divine to flow through me and shine into the lives of others. To bring peace and love to those who suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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