What Do You Believe?

Greetings Beautiful Souls!  Today I want to speak to you about what you believe.
Belief- 1.) Acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists
             2.) Trust, faith or confidence in someone or something.
Alexander Hamilton said, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” Malcolm X took this one step further in saying, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for everything.”
Today, I see too many people being swayed like blades of grass in the wind every time a new idea comes along. Long forgotten are the days when people were steadfast in their beliefs and stood up for them, whether it made them popular or not. The things that were morally wrong have become morally right and visa versa, and heavens forbid if you stand on your morals, virtues, and integrity in today’s world because then you are politically incorrect. Recently my integrity was brought into question. Not my lack of, mind you, but the fact that I stand on my integrity.
People sit back and bitch about the current state of our government, economy, etc. I boil it all down to the shifting sands of belief. It used to be a man’s word meant something and a handshake was a done deal. Now you have to have a 100 page ( I know I am exaggerating) contract written up just to cover your ass and make the other party uphold their end of a deal. It used to be if someone was caught in a crime they were hung for it. Now we have self-confessed murderers sitting on death row for YEARS, while we the taxpayers pay for their creature comforts of food, water, shelter, while homeless people are literally starving and dying on the streets of our nation, many of whom are veterans who served this country with years of their lives. Many had no choice because they were drafted into wars, like our Korean and Vietnam Vets who have been treated poorly by the people and our government since returning home. We have groups giving aid to refugees, when there are children starving to death right here in our own country and if you speak out about it you are labeled a nonhumanitarian.
“Where is all this leading?” you ask. My question to you is, “What do you believe”? Do you have a strong sense of beliefs or do you sway with every political and/or religious trend? Do you believe everything you hear or see on tv, the internet, etc., or do you search out the truth for yourself? Those who know me know , I am NOT a religious or political person. I do have a strong set standard of beliefs I adhere to called the 9 Noble Virtues, like the 10 Commandments that tell me what I Shall Do, not what I shall not do. I weigh everything in my life against these Virtues and grow each day in body, mind, and spirit, knowing that I can not and will not be swayed from my beliefs.
I challenge you to start by searching your heart, look at the man/woman in the mirror and ask yourself, ” is what I believe? Are these my own beliefs or is what I believe what I have been told to believe by parents, grandparents, siblings, ministers, or peers?

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