Ebb and Flow

Good Morning Beautiful Souls!

Blessed New Year to all of you.  I know it has been a while.  The holidays always open up mixed emotions for me and are also usually crazy around our home.  I hope all of you found peace and comfort.  Holidays can be a very stressful time for some. Those who have had loved ones pass, those who have not so happy memories of holidays past due to trauma and abuse, those who have no one in their lives like the homeless.  This holiday season, I tried to focus less on my own life and send out good vibrations to those less fortunate whom have not experienced the happiness and joy I had in 2018.  I prayed that their burdens would be light and the angels would give them at least a moment of peace.  In doing so, the most miraculous thing happened!  For the first time in years, I was at peace and we had a beautiful family time together.

Life is like the ocean.  Sometimes, it just gently moves with ebb and flow.  Sometimes it makes waves.  And still, other times it is raising a tempest.   I love the ocean.  I can sit there for hours and feel the gentle ebb and flow.  It brings so much peace to my soul.  Other times, I like to walk in and let the waves hit me as I picture it washing away all the things that perplex me and I come out of the water feeling free.   It is when the ocean is stirring up a tempest that fear sets in and I used to force myself to stare into it and say bring it!  I have learned the tempests in my life are also important to break me loose from things that are holding me back, things that have me tethered like a boat to a dock,  the complacency of just sitting watching the ebb and flow of life and not doing anything. The tempests of life shake us up and force us to move and to grow.  As I look back at all the storms of my life, I finally realized how very important they were in shaping the woman I have become.  Today, I stand in humble confidence and very grateful knowing the Universe sent those storms in my life to make me strong, and give me the ability to help others brave the storms and return to port victorious!

Many Blessings!


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