The Best made plans

I don’t know about you but I am a planner.  I have to do lists for my to do lists.  For any event, I plan it down to the most minute detail.  How many times have you planned everything to a T and at the last minute or the worst possible time something went wrong and then you are thrown into a tizzy and get mad at yourself for not planning for something to go wrong?  My husband always says, “plan for the best but expect the worse!”  My OCD perfectionist side screams, “NO, I will not allow anything to go wrong.”  Well beautiful souls, I learned the hard way that I am not in control of everything, no matter how much planning I do ahead of time or how hard I work to make everything perfect.  

The Universe is funny like that.  Sometimes things happen that at the moment seem bad to allow for better things to happen.  It is not always convenience and comfortable but the lessons learned are very valuable.  We learn to work through situations instead of letting them destroy us.   In the parable about the King and the Boulder (author unknown) there is a very valuable lesson to learn about obstacles.  To paraphrase the parable, This king placed a huge boulder in the middle of the road.  The people of the kingdom would come upon the boulder and start complaining.  One day, a peasant happened by and moved the boulder out of his way.  Underneath it he found a purse full of coin.  The moral of the story, as I see it, is great riches can be had if we deal with the obstacles in our lives instead of sitting back and complaining about them.  

What obstacle in your life have you been complaining about?   Is it your health? Finances? Maybe your job?  Maybe you sit back and look at your life and think, “this is not what I dreamed my life would be.”  Oh the best made plans!  In my youth, I dreamed of being a famous singer, a teacher, a wife and mother.  Never once in those times when I was dreaming did I say, ” I want to be a 2x divorcee, give birth to 4 children and lose 2 in death.  I want to be in 3 very abusive relationships that will scar my very soul.  I want to lose everything and be crippled up in a near fatal accident.” I didn’t dream it or plan for it, but those things happened to me.  It took me many years of struggle with that “boulder in the road”, but I can tell you today,  because I made the effort to do the work to remove the boulders in my way, I am happily married, have 43 children who call me Mom, I am a teacher and minister to the souls of many and I sing to my heart’s content.  No, I am not a famous singer, but I am known for my voice in my local area and that is good enough for me, for now.  The scars have been erased from my soul.  Thanks to a wonderful friend and reiki healer, I am no longer crippled up from my accident.  Do I still have to do lists for my to do lists?  Hell yeah!  However, now when those obstacles drop in my path instead of getting upset and flustered, I drop back, access the situation and come up with a strategy to overcome the boulder in my path and have found valuable treasures awaiting me.

Until next time,

Many Blessings


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