“Sometimes when we’re angry we say things we never meant to say…those words are enough to break a heart and injure a soul.  Anger makes our brain work less and our tongue works more.  Once said those words can’t be taken back and sometimes break a healthy relationship.  So, think before you speak and when angry keep silent…Your silence may hurt the ones you love but your nasty words can break them and damage them beyond repair.”  Neena Gupta

First, I want to apologize.  I have been tied up trying to help an organization, I am sorry to say, and the whole thing ended very badly.  Instead of being a creation that would bring joy to people, it ended up being a burden and in the end exploded into a barrage of ill-spoken words which cut to the core, damaged relationships and wounded hearts and souls.

I am a strong believer in using your voice and not allowing others to control you.  However, there are times when it is better to remain silent, especially if your words are going to be damaging to others.  In the above situation, maybe I should have spoken out more.  In a group situation, it’s good to have a leader, but everyone should have an equal voice.  We allowed one person to have all the power and this is what ultimately brought the demise of the group.  When others started standing up, speaking out, the “leader” decided to cut us all to the core with her words.  The whole group collapsed, and in the wake, damage that cannot be repaired.  Forgiveness can be saught, yet the scars remain.  If you are the one who is wounded, though it may be a hard thing to do, forgive.  Not for the person who wounded you, but for your own soul.

So, dear souls, always be mindful of your words.  And as my Grandmother always told me, if your words do not make others feel good, stay silent.




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