Let’s Be Real

Blessed New Moon, Dear Souls,

I believe in being completely authentic.  I don’t know about you but one of my pet peeves is fake people.  You know the ones I mean, on the outside they are all smiles and make you think things are just hunky dory hiding behind their personalities, their false faces, their false words. In reality,  if you could look through the frosted glass of their lives, they are a mess.  Their relationships are a mess, their house is a mess, their finances are a mess.  They tell you how to live your lives and cast judgment on you, yet theirs is nothing but chaos behind closed doors.

I will make you a promise right here and now, I will always be authentic.  I won’t tell you to do something I haven’t already done or am doing now to better my life.  I struggle with or have struggled with things just the same as you do.  Many things I have overcome, and there are things I am still struggling greatly with.  It is part of who we are and our purpose here on this place called Earth.  We didn’t come here to be perfectly ascended beings.  We came here to learn and grow, and in doing so help others on their paths also.  It is not our responsibility to walk their path for them or tell them how to walk it.  As we become enlightened in some area, it is our responsibility to share that with others, yet, we are to not demand they accept it as their own.  The nuggets we learn along our path may only be for us, our own treasure, or they may be meant to be shared for the betterment of the whole tribe.

My grandmother used to tell me a story that illustrates this principle.

A young man had been hunting for many days and was unable to get any meat for his tribe because animals were scarce in the area.  Finally, a rabbit ran across his path and he was able to kill it.  He looked down at the rabbit in his hands thinking it would not be enough for his whole tribe, so he sat down, cooked and ate it.

I immediately judged this young man.  How selfish of him to eat the whole rabbit himself when his tribe was also hungry and they could have made stew and everyone had something to eat.  My grandmother patted my hand and admonished me for my judgment.  ” If he had not consumed that small rabbit, he wouldn’t have had the energy to go on and look for something bigger for the tribe.  Sometimes we are given small morsels for ourselves to give us the energy and knowledge to go on and discover bigger and better things to share with the tribe.  We cannot serve the tribe if we are starving ourselves.

What does this have to do with being authentic?  If you are putting on a false face to the world, making everyone think you have it all together so you are an authority on how to tell them how to run their lives, yet, your life is falling apart behind the scenes, you are not only robbing yourself of your energy, you are also robbing your tribe of the bigger blessing.   Keep it real and be willing to admit you don’t have all the answers.  Not only will it gain you the respect of your tribe, but it will also gain you respect and honor of the Universe from where your blessings and abundance flows.






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