Greetings and Salutations Beautiful Souls

First, I must apologize for my lack of posting these past few weeks.  I allowed life to give me a beat down and cloud my focus.  The saying “if it is too good to be true, it probably is,” came to life for us a couple weeks ago.  A friend, or so we thought, bought a bar and told us we were part owners with no monetary investment.  We learned this to mean, “I own the bar, but you do all the work.”  After a week of trying to help him run the place properly, we had to walk away.  We spent many hours, and sleepless nights, during that week trying to take this young man and help him become a successful business owner, to no avail.  The end result was my ending up very ill.  I have a chronic liver problem stemming from internal injuries from my accident in 2112.  When I get worn down physically, the least little bug can be catastrophic for me, and my body rebels against me.  I was literally down for a week with the flu bug and in the meantime, my liver and pancreas trying to shut down.  It was not pleasant, to say the least.  Thanks to my wonderful daughter and her kitchen magic, I have made a full recovery.

Complacency, the acid that can deteriorate your foundation.  If we allow yourselves to become complacent in just one area of our lives, it can cause a cascading effect in every area.   This is why it is so important we practice mindfulness in our everyday lives.   Starting before we even get out of bed, our first thought should be of gratitude for even a little rest during the night.  If you are like me, I have nights when I am awakened several times during the night and feel like I have had no rest at all.  Yet even the short intervals of rest are better than no rest at all.   I had become so complacent in my daily life that I didn’t even realize my foundation was cracking.  Then something comes along and BAM, you are not in any position to handle it mentally, physically or spiritually.

There is not much you can do when you are sick, except sit and think.  I did a lot of self-examining during this time of illness and realized I had been lax in a lot of my daily rituals.   Gratitude, being thankful for the small things.  Self-care, taking care of oneself body, mind and spirit.  Sharing love-the art of serving others.  I had gotten so wrapped up in other things, I forgot to daily reinforce my foundation.   I allowed my chakra system to become completely unbalanced, which caused my physical system to be unbalanced allowing the opening for dis-ease to enter my temple.

Today, I renewed my commitment to me and my daily rituals.  I renewed my commitment to being mindful in all I do.  I renewed my commitment to having a heart of gratitude.  I am renewing my commitment to you, my tribe, to be of love and service to you.   Will you join me in rebuilding the foundation of our lives?   A temple without a good foundation will crumble and fall and then it is of no use or service to anyone.



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