The Muffler Affect

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls,

How many of you have sat down on Sunday evening and set your intentions for the following week?  You get that excited feeling inside thinking, “I have my list of things to accomplish now and nothing is going to stop me…Because I have a list!”  Then Monday afternoon rolls around and someone calls needing help and you go help them.  No problem, I will just move the Monday tasks to Tuesday.  Then Tuesday morning, you wake up and one of the kids, or a pet, or your husband is ill and you spend the day taking them to the doctor.  You sit down Tuesday night and look at the list with a sigh and move Monday and Tuesday’s tasks to your Wednesday list.   Tuesday night you get no rest worrying about how you are going to accomplish 3 days worth of tasks in one day and you awake Wednesday morning completely exhausted with a list staring you in the face.  Try as you might, you just don’t have the energy to complete one single task from the Monday through Wednesday list, so you veg out on the couch in front of the television all day.  You go to bed early Wednesday night because sitting around vegging is more tiring than working a full 8 hour shift.   Finally, you get a good night’s sleep because of sheer exhaustion and awaken full of energy and start tackling your list which now included Monday through Thursday.  You’re on a roll and getting things accomplished in record time and your phone rings.  You teeter with the dilemma of whether to answer it or not.  Finally, with a long sigh you answer it and low and behold it is another crisis someone is asking you to help with or solve!   Argggg!  You look at your list and wonder if you are ever going to get anything accomplished.   Then the resentment sets in.  “Why can’t people just leave me alone so I can get things done!”    Can anyone else relate to this?

The past two weeks, I have set clear intentions for the whole week on Sunday.  And, due to life happening, my intentions have went right out the door, along with my patience and peace.  There were things, important things, that did not get accomplished because I was stressing over the little things.   I learned a very valuable lesson, once again, the hard way.   Don’t set your intentions too far ahead, and set solid boundaries.  Chose your battles wisely.  Once you have set your course, allow your intuition to guide you.  My main flaw is I want to help everyone and fix everything.   I have learned my responsibility is to keep myself,  my household, and my family on track first.  Then my attention should be on my business and working to make it grow.  Any time left over can be dedicated to helping others.  One of my favorite quotes is, ” You can’t pour from an empty cup.” (I don’t know who first said it but my mentor, Lisa, says it often.)

I have adopted a new routine.   Each morning, before I even get out of bed, I express my gratitude for another day here on this earth.  Then I take three deep breaths.  With the first breath, I release yesterday as it cannot be changed.  With the second breath, I release tomorrow as it has not appeared yet.   With the third breath,  I thank the gods and goddesses there is nothing that will happen during the day that I cannot handle, and ask for help to handle it with grace and patience.   Does it always work that way?  No, but when something happens during the day to throw me off kilter, I stop and take my three breaths again.  I now set my intentions on a daily basis instead of weekly.  That way I am not disappointed or discouraged in myself for not following though.  If something happens to change my plans, I ask myself, ” will this serve my life purpose, or is it me trying to save the world again?”  Then, I act accordingly.   And, I have released myself from feelings of guilt or worry about how others will preceive me if I set a boundary and they don’t like it.   Life is short and I do not have time for foolishness, pettiness or drama in my life anymore.   The muffler affect is dreaming your are a muffler and waking up exhausted.



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