Never forget who you are!

Good Morning Dear Beautiful Souls,

First, allow me to apologize for being a day late in posting.  It has definitely been one of those weeks when it seems like nothing goes right.  I can blame it on the full moon, or Mercury being in retrograde, or a mirage of many other excuses.  Truth is there is no one to blame but myself and the choices I make.  Do you ever find yourself falling into the pit of remembering?  That is the pit of things that have happened in the past that we cannot change yet they keep creeping up on you like evil vines pulling you back to those places you thought were behind you.  Or, do you find yourself being pulled into a time warp to the future and worry about what will happen then.  This week when things past and future started closing in on me, I forget the one most important thing I teach to others…Live in the moment!  The past is gone, and the future has not happened yet.  If we focus on each individual moment of our day, it eliminates the stress of worry and contemplation.  More than that, I forgot who I am.  I am a creation of the Divine and hold all the power within me to overcome any situation that is set before me.  I am the co-creator of my own world.  It is my choice to either create peace and harmony in my life or allow the stress to create chaos.  We also need to remember whatever we create also affects those who are around us.  Are we creating peace or chaos?  What kind of example are we setting for those around us if we teach peace, love, and harmony and they are watching us lose our shit!  Don’t misunderstand me, it is okay to lose it sometimes, but do it, clean up the mess, and move on.  Don’t take up residence in a house of anger, bitterness, and discord.

In those times when you feel things closing in on you, stop take 3 deep breaths.  This is a practice I learned from a wonderful teacher, Amber Bonnici.  The first one, as you breathe out,  let go of everything that has happened before that moment go.  On the second breath, let go of anything you think might happen in the future.  On the third breath, center yourself in the present moment.  Then I like to add the next part.  Put your hand over your heart and give thanks to the Divine and the universe for peace in the present moment.  Then depending on your ruling element, go take a walk (earth), take a bath (water), light a candle and gaze into the flame (fire) or twirl in circles (air) to continue to center you.  Music and dance are also great mood lifters.  Put on some music and get crazy.  As one of my beautiful mentors, Lisa, told us this week, Be Silly!  Go Play!  Allow your inner child to lead you.  And in all of this, remember who you are!  You are an awesome creation of the Divine and you have a purpose to fulfill otherwise you wouldn’t still be here on this earth at this moment in time.  No matter what you are faced with, you have the power within you to rise up and control it.  The choice is yours.  You can either it sit back and cry, “why me” or you can shout to the universe,  “Watch ME!”

Many Blessings,


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