Welcome Beautiful Souls!

In today’s world, people can become overwhelmed seeking out solutions to their problems.  There are so many “experts” out there; teachers, life coaches, therapists all claiming to have all the answers.  I make no such claim.  What I will claim is to be a woman who has been through just about every situation there is and I have overcome and triumphed over each one.

I am here as a friend with a nice virtual cup of coffee (or tea) to help you work through your situation and offer the nutrition needed to heal your soul.  Only you can work through your own healing process.  I can’t do it for you.  What I can do, is delve into my past experiences and help you in your journey.  Sometimes it is not comfortable opening those old wounds.  A lot of times all we do is cover the wound and it doesn’t really heal properly.  It is only when we reopen the wound, dig out the nastiness, and apply the proper salve does the wound truly heal.  I am here to help in the process. Allow me to help you navigate the muddy waters, open a spring of fresh living water and heal your soul.

*DISCLAIMER*  I am not a medical doctor. I have degrees or licenses. I do hold a psychology diploma as well as a certification in Home Medicine. What I do have is a lifetime of experiences in just about anything you may be struggling with.  I am an ordained minister but do not advocate any organized religion.   I will not advise you as to what you need to do or steps you need to follow.  I will share my life experiences with you in hopes in that you might glean help on your life’s path.

Come, Sit and Rest Your Weary Soul.

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